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Field Care Supervisor

Stafford, UK

Job Type

This role is available Part Time (20hrs) or Full-Time (37.5hrs)

Pay Frequency


About the Role

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities: 

Care Coordination and Assessment: 

Collaborate with the Care Coordinator to assess and understand each customer's individual care needs, preferences, and goals. Assist to maintain personalised care plans that prioritise customer choice and autonomy. Conduct regular reviews to identify customer progress and make necessary adjustments to care plans. 

Team Supervision and Support: 

Supervise the Care Team, including Care Workers and other support staff, ensuring their schedules align with customer needs. Provide guidance, support, and feedback to the Care Team, fostering their professional growth and development. Conduct performance reviews and evaluations to monitor the quality of care provided by the Care Team. 

Customer and Family Relations: 

Build and maintain strong, trust-based relationships with customers and their families. Collaborate with the Customer Coordinator to address customer inquiries, concerns, and care-related updates, ensuring clear and respectful communication. Advocate for customer needs and preferences within the Care Team and the organisation, ensuring that care remains centred on the customer's well-being. 

Scheduling and Monitoring: 

Support the Care Coordinator with care schedules, ensuring timely and accurate service delivery by the Care Team. Monitor the quality of care provided by the Care Team and take proactive measures to address any issues or improvements needed. 

Training and Development: 

Provide training and orientation to new members of the Care Team, ensuring alignment with our values and standards. Offer ongoing training and support to enhance the skills and knowledge of the Care Team. 

Documentation and Reporting: 

Maintain accurate records of care activities, customer progress, and any adjustments to care plans. Generate reports on team performance, outcomes, and trends. 

Out of hours support: 

Act as a point of contact out of hours for customers and the Care Team. Coordinate care as required to ensure care delivery is uninterrupted. Provide hands-on care where required to ensure clients continue to receive a high level of service.



  • Minimum of Level 2 qualification in Health and Social Care, but must be working towards (or willing to undertake) Level 3 AND have proven experience in Domiciliary Care (minimum 3 years).

  • OR Level 3 qualification or higher in Health and Social Care with proven experience in Domiciliary Care (minimum 2 years)

  • Familiarity with client-centred care principles and industry regulations.


  • Previous experience in Domiciliary Care is essential. 1 year minimum if holding a Level 3 qualification OR 3 years minimum if holding a Level 2 qualification.


  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Ability to provide hands-on, person-centred care.

  • Strong organisational skills to manage care schedules, assignments, and customer needs, often with little notice of changes.

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills to interact with customers, their families, and the Care Team.

  • Proficiency in using digital tools for scheduling, communication, and reporting.


  • Compassionate and empathetic with a commitment to providing the highest quality of care.

  • Strong leadership qualities, prepared to challenge poor performance and model good practice.

  • Effective problem-solving skills to address scheduling challenges and customer needs.

  • Ability to remain calm under pressure, with an understanding of rapidly changing situations and circumstances..

  • Ability to collaborate with the Care Team, customers, and their families to ensure cohesive care delivery.

  • Strong attention to detail to maintain accurate records and monitor care quality.


  • Driver’s licence and access to a vehicle for business use is essential for this role.

  • Availability to work flexibly, including mornings, evenings and weekends as needed.

Benefits & Pay

Benefits of Joining Our Team:

  • Excellent Pay with Rewards and Bonuses: We believe in recognizing and rewarding your hard work and dedication.

  • Pension Scheme: Plan for your future with our pension scheme, ensuring financial security in the long term.

  • Training and Qualifications: We're committed to helping you reach your full potential. Access comprehensive training and qualifications to enhance your skills and knowledge.

  • Excellent Career Progression Routes: Whether you're starting your career or looking to advance, we offer clear and achievable career progression routes within our organization.

  • Dynamic and Approachable Management: Our management team is dedicated to supporting you and fostering a positive work environment.

  • Access to Our Employee Wellbeing Programme (Private): Your well-being matters. Enjoy access to a private well-being program designed to support your physical and mental health.

  • Team Wellbeing Events: We believe in building strong connections. Participate in team well-being events to foster camaraderie and relaxation.

  • Extended Family and Friends Social Events: We're like a family. Join our extended family and friends for social events that create lasting memories.

  • Access to Private Counselling: Your emotional well-being is essential. Access private counseling services to support your mental health needs.

At Affexa Care Services, we not only value your contributions but also prioritize your well-being, growth, and happiness as a part of our dedicated team. Join us to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those we serve and experience a fulfilling career journey.

from £23,439 per year

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