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Affexa Care Services operates a fast-response emergency care service designed to support those who are in need of care and support at short notice, should the need arise. 

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 Emergency Care 

Offering a service to support families and service users when things don't quite go to plan. 

Same day visit

Arrange for an urgent care visit the same day - peace of mind.


Offering temporary support when another provider has cancelled or pulled out.

Hospital Discharge

Support to leave hospital safely. When you just want to leave, we can support. 

Short Term

Short term relief from the stress of looking after someone immediately.

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Emergency Care is just that, care that is needed within a short space of time, urgently.

Affexa Care Services is able to place a trained member of our care team, who can provide any care and support needed in a time of crisis. 

Care and support can include any type of care that is normally given by our service to give that much-needed peace of mind. 

Our emergency home care focuses on minimising disruption and restoring normality, allowing you or your loved one to remain or recover at home, while being supported by a trained team member. We understand that everyone is different, which is why our emergency care packages are tailored to your individual needs.

Once a request has been made, we can have care and support with you, often within a matter of hours.

Our care team is highly trained and are able to support a variety of needs, including personal care, diet, and medication support.

Our friendly team are available to support anyone who finds themselves in the need of care and support quickly.


This is designed to bridge that gap from panic and needing care straight away to finding a more regular care package or support solution.


After going through a difficult time, it’s important that you can be settled back into your own environment as quickly as possible, with minimum disruption or delay.


The familiar setting of the home, and all of the warm memories associated with it, provide a reassurance that simply can’t be matched by a hospital or a residential care home environment.

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