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 Complex Care 

Specialised care & support delivered for those wishing to remain within their own homes with dignity, respect and warmth. 

Our complex care & support is a more intricate and detailed care package, with services coming together to enable an individual to remain safe, healthy and well at home. 

Certified Standard of Training

Our Care Practitioners are trained in specialism areas from Dementia to PEG

Compassionate & Professional

Enjoy the knowledge & piece of mind a visit from a Care Practitioner can give.

Consistent Care

Regular visits from the same care practitioners. To give continuity and improve our responsiveness to needs

Single or Double Visits

A visit from 1 or 2 Care Practitioners if and as when required. We do 4 too.

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Complex Care also known as long-term care or continuing care. Is as suggested by the name, a more specialised package of support which involves a multidisciplinary health and social care team. All supporting individuals to remain healthy in their home. 


All of the support and care provided will be uniquely tailored around the individual and their needs and preferences. No matter what condition that we might be supporting we want our service users to feel fully involved and empowered to make their care how they want it.

Just a few things we can support with

Time Critical Visits

Tailored Personal Care

Medication Support & Administration

Diet and weight support

PEG maintenance

Fluid & Hydration

Wound Support

Designed for those wanting to remain at home with either a significant, on-going health condition or profound social care need. The individual will need specialist on-going support and care with input from a multi-disciplinary team.

Complex Care is also a way of supporting those who have chosen an End of Life pathway to take place at home in a dignified and loving manner.

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Single or double-handed care visits are available to support throughout the day. For prices, please call to discuss.

Our team are trained and are expected to take further training based on the needs and conditions of our service users.

Call Us 

Give our friendly team a call on 01785 291091

Arrange a home visit from our Customer Care Team

This gives you a chance to meet us and for us to ensure we get to know you. If happy we will start ensuring you have all the necessary equipment (if required) and complete with you our Initial Assessments.

Confirm a Start Date
Together we will come up with a start date, for your care & support to commence. We can usually start within a a few days after our home visit.

Getting Started