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Affexa Care Services is a trading name of Affexa Limited. Registered in England and Wales. Registered Number: 09468309.

Registered Office: Unit 18 BIC, Gate Court, Staffordshire Technology Park, Stafford, ST18 0AR

It can be difficult to plan for every eventuality of when you may need care or support. This is why Affexa Care Services has developed a Rapid Response service with a team of Rapid Response Care Practitioners who are on hand ready for when you need them.


This service can be used in conjunction with an everyday care service, either with ourselves or an alternative provider, or, if you do not need planned care provision, this can be used as a stand-alone service. 

Interim Care

  Providing short-term care:


  • between hospital discharge and the arrangement of a formal care package

  • between care providers, for example, one provider has terminated services and you are awaiting the commencement of another

  • following hospital discharge to help you to regain your confidence and independence

Ad-hoc Care

Care and support as and when you need it, without committing to a regular schedule. 


No contracts, no hassle, no worries

Providing short-term care:

  • for periods of respite

  • to enable your loved ones to go on holiday/breaks/outings

  • to support you with the tasks you find challenging which only occur now and then

Emergency Care - delivered in as little as 1 hour

When you need a some care or support at short notice, our emergency care can do just that. 

Whatever the time, whatever the reason, we are on hand to help.

It could be anything from urinary or bowel accidents, your usual care provider failing to attend, or just because the light has been left on, we are available to help.

Please note: These services are not for medical emergencies. In all instances where you require emergency medical care, please call 999 and request an ambulance