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The Affexa Team 

Highly Trained Certified & Knowledgeable

Picked for being caring and compassionate

At Affexa Care Services, we believe that compassion and patience make a world of difference when it comes to providing quality home care.

Each day, our staff provide top-notch services to our customers, throughout South Staffordshire.

Contact us today and consult with a member of our friendly team. 


Our uniform has been carefully selected to look professional whilst

being practical.

Every member of our team will wear:

  • Dark Grey tunic with white trim, branded with our logo

  • Black coat, branded with our logo

  • Black Trousers

  • Black Shoes

They will also carry an Identity Badge with them at all times so

should you wish to confirm their position, you may request that

this is produced.

Our Affexa Care Team uniform
Affexa Care Team member

Becca, Office Administrator

Becca joined Affexa in 2018. Becca is the first port of call for all of our customer or their family members. Always there to make sure everyone is happy and that things are going well. 


Affexa Care Team

Karla, Assistant Service Manager

Karla joined the team in 2021, bringing a wealth of experience with her. She leads the team to insure they are delivering  the highest standards.  

Affexa Care Service Manager

Dan, Services Manager

Dan joined the  team in 2018. With his background in education, he supports the team to reach their true potential. Whilst ensuring they have the mentoring they need to do their job.

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